Dear friends,

I’m Venkatesh Vedhakumar, a simple person who always intellectually wandering. I'm blogger since May 21, 2007. I started it as a fun but on the way I learned many things through it. My first blog is about Windows tweaks accompanying that I've started 10 more blogs. This is my 12th blog.

As a student of Finance I would like to create a blog regarding it, even though there are many other blogs available in this stream. This blog is all about basic concepts of Finance and related trends in market. I planned to create this blog long ago but other schedules made me to nullify blogging. I believe that this blog will helps me to learn, share and gain through it. Let us see what I can do !!!!

Mission of this blog:

To top the list in category of finance and to provide extra ordinary material to users.


1. Blog created on - 29 April 2009
2. First post is published - 30 April 2009
3. Blog design changed and almost set to go - 19 May 2009
4. Blog Logo Created, SEO and changes in Layout - 31 May 2009


Venkatesh Vedhakumar

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