There are various risks involved investing in mutual fund, those risks are:

1. Market risk

If the overall stock or bond markets fall on account of overall economic factors, the value of stock or bond holdings in the fund's portfolio can drop, thereby impacting the fund performance.

2. Non-market risk

Bad news about an individual company can pull down its stock price, which can negatively affect fund holdings. This risk can be reduced by having a diversified portfolio that consists of a wide variety of
stocks drawn from different industries.

3. Interest rate risk

Bond prices and interest rates move in opposite directions. When interest rates rise, bond prices fall and this decline in underlying securities affects the fund negatively.

4. Credit risk

Bonds are debt obligations. So when the funds invest in corporate bonds, they run the risk of the corporate defaulting on their interest and principal payment obligations and when that risk crystallizes, it leads to a fall in the value of the bond causing the NAV of the fund to take a beating.


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